Different Types of Rosacea Treatments

Learning what type of rosacea treatments might be right for you is difficult, but once you find the right one, stick with it.

Though there is no cure, there are several effective Rosacea treatments on the market. Rosacea is a chronic disease of the facial skin and usually occurs in adults between thirty and sixty. Women tend to suffer mild or moderate symptoms of the disorder while men usually experience more severe attacks.

Rosacea treatments range from over the counter creams and ointments to surgical procedures. Rosacea tends to affect several members of a family, leading doctors to believe there is a genetic predisposition to the disorder.

Since the precise cause of Rosacea has not been determined, prevention may be the best treatment. Avoiding heat, alcohol, stress, and harsh sunlight are just a few of the factors known to trigger attacks in some sufferers. It may be helpful to keep a diary of each attack, the time it occurred, and the possible triggers involved to give you an idea of the most likely culprits in your case.

Do Rosacea Treatments Work?

Rosacea treatments are very effective in some patients while others respond minimally or not at all to the very same procedure. There is no standard way to treat Rosacea. Only by experimenting with the various available products will you learn which works best for you.

Rosacea tends to worsen if left untreated, so finding the most effective Rosacea treatment for you is imperative to control the symptoms. To the dismay of millions of Rosacea sufferers, there is no known cure. You can control the disease and improve the appearance of your skin by trying various products and determining which is the most effective for you.

In mild cases, your doctor may prescribe a topical antibiotic that is applied directly to the skin. More severe cases may respond better to an oral antibiotic combined with a topical cream. It is highly recommended that people with Rosacea use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher on a daily basis.

Some patients have reported that herbal creams and formulas have been an effective Rosacea treatment. Herbal Rosacea treatments work by strengthening blood vessels in the face and promoting healthy circulation.

You can find consumer reviews of the various herbal Rosacea treatments and decide which, if any, may be right for you. Your doctor may recommend a combination of preventative, prescription, and herbal Rosacea remedies.

Make certain you tell your doctor all the remedies you are using to avoid any interactions. Occasionally, laser or other surgical procedures may be necessary to remove broken blood vessels or correct the disfigurement of the nose that sometimes occurs among those who suffer from Rosacea.

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