The Search for a Rosacea Cure

Is there a Rosacea cure? The definition of Rosacea is a facial rash, prominent redness, and sometimes outbreaks of acne-like bumps. Rosacea normally occurs in the center part of the face and affects the cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead. In some cases Rosacea leads to Rhinophyma, which is an enlargement and/or disfiguration of the nose.

Rosacea begins with redness of the facial skin that advances in severity from occasional to constant and may cause broken or enlarged blood vessels to become visible on the face. Millions of people across the globe desperately search for a Rosacea cure to no avail.

There are numerous products that claim to be the perfect Rosacea cures. If you suffer from Rosacea, the best cure is probably prevention, and controlling the symptoms.

What Is the Best Way to Treat Rosacea?

Treating your Rosacea is necessary to avoid permanent skin damage. Finding a Rosacea cure is of major importance to those who have struggled for years to control the symptoms.

In the majority of cases, once a dermatologist diagnoses Rosacea a combination of topical antibiotic cream and oral antibiotics are prescribed as an initial treatment. The oral antibiotics will bring the Rosacea under control and the topical cream will improve the appearance and condition of the skin.

Continued use of the topical antibiotics will keep symptoms under control and your dermatologist may help you determine the relevant factors that could cause Rosacea to appear in the first place.

But I Want a Permanent Rosacea Cure!

A Rosacea cure is not currently available, but many choices exist for controlling or temporarily eliminating the symptoms. Various products sell themselves as Rosacea cures, but the best course of action is to try and prevent attacks and control the symptoms if they do.

You may also want to examine the skin care products you use. Certain ingredients may trigger or intensify Rosacea symptoms. The use of a good sunscreen is important to keep harmful sunlight from further irritating the skin. Some foods may contribute to the occurrence or severity of Rosacea symptoms as well as stress.

Finding a Rosacea cure is the foremost thought on the minds of those who suffer severe, continual outbreaks. The temptation is great to experiment with the many products claiming to be Rosacea cures. The best course of action is to avoid the things that contribute to your Rosacea attacks and treat the symptoms in the manner prescribed by your dermatologist.

Keeping a notebook containing dates of outbreaks and possible causes may help you determine the factors that contribute to your Rosacea symptoms. Avoiding activities that contribute to periodic attacks may lessen the number of attacks.

Making lifestyle changes could be a Rosacea cure if you are prone to food allergies or irritation due to chemicals or other substances found in your home or place of employment.

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