B12 deficeincy

It is essential to know your facts about vitamins and minerals if you want to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. And one of the most important parts of this could be getting you vitamin B12. That’s because not getting the right foods and supplements into your diet, resulting in a vitamin B12 deficeincy, can be devastating to your body.

To avoid this vitamin B12 deficeincy and its awful consequences for your health, make sure you have your B12 vitamin information straight. One part of this B12 vitamin information is keeping tabs on all the wonderful benefits of this essential B vitamin. Vitamin B12 helps with pernicious anemia, high levels of that protein homocysteine, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even diabetes.

According to the experts with the B12 vitamin information, the nutrient may also help prevent memory loss, sleep disorders, Alzheimer's disease, bursitis, depression and other mental disorders, bone loss and tendonitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and, yes, asthma. Perhaps a B12 deficeincy could over time lead to more rapid aging, worsened mental concentration, mood depression, lowered energy, problems with fertility, and less protection against the toxins from cigarette smoke and allergens from your environment.

Another problem associated with B12 deficeincy is that, according to the experts with the B12 vitamin information, vitamin B12 is important because it helps work in tandem with another B vitamin, folate. Together folic acid and vitamin B12 have the major purpose of removing a chemical called homocysteine. Too much of this protein called homocysteine, say these scientists with the B12 vitamin information, can lead to a problem with changing shape of your blood vessels. They may become more brittle, for instance, or become thickened, making it harder for your blood to pass through.

These scientists have found that a B12 deficeincy and a folate deficiency can cause too much homocysteine to build up in your system, which can cause many other problems in your blood vessels and in your cardiovascular system in general. A major part of this problem is that this protein homocysteine, which is always present in your body, can cause damage called oxidative stress to your arteries.

These physicians and experts have listed numerous enzymes, several agents, some drugs, identifiable diseases, and many lifestyle factors that could have a crucial effect on the levels of homocysteine in your system. The number one way to cause yourself problems with homocysteine, however, is to have a B12 deficeincy or a deficiency with its “pal,” folic acid. These problems are considered the most common reason for hyperhomocysteinemia, or elevated homocysteine levels. The top method to help yourself, and get the utmost benefits from vitamin B12, is to ensure you have an adequate intake every day.

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