Acne Laser Treatment: Is This An Option For You?

Acne laser treatment is fast becoming a popular choice for acne removal. For individuals that have tried a wide range of acne medications and still have problems with this skin condition, the laser treatment can be one of the best things to come along. The process is quite simple. The laser treatment works carefully and accurately to eliminate the acne that is on the skin and can often stop it from coming back. Learning about how it works will help you to determine if this treatment is right for your acne.

How It Works

Laser treatments for acne work by using a high powered, highly controlled laser. The laser works over the skin by using a very high speed laser that is carefully controlled by a technician. The laser will actually destroy the gland that is in the skin that controls the production of oils in the skin. This gland is often working too hard and overproducing oils. The oils create a very attractive place for bacteria to live. When bacteria get into the pores, in these warm environments, it will grow and reproduce. The result is that it will form a pimple on the skin.

Lasers are also able to kill off the existing bacteria that are there. They destroy the bacteria through a very finely controlled level of heat that is in the laser's light. By destroying the existing bacteria and working to stop the glands from over producing oils, acne can be officially healed for many individuals.

On the other side, though, there are a few drawbacks to using laser treatments. First, there may be the need for several treatments to be administered. Not all acne will be affected as some will continue to be troublesome. In some individuals the treatment does not work as well as it does for others. And, worst of all, the treatment is quite expensive especially when several treatments are needed.

But, laser treatment for acne can and does provide a wide range of benefits. In fact, the largest benefit of laser treatment is the fact that it is likely to improve acne and therefore improve the self esteem of individuals who deal with it daily.

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