Acne: A Skin Infection That Can Destroy The Self Esteem

Acne, or pimples, are some of the worst skin conditions that can effect an individual's self esteem. People who are left to deal with it on a daily basis do not realize that there are other solutions to treating the skin and allowing those little red dots to vanish. On top of that, many individuals have misconceptions about it as well. Some believe that it will just go away one day. Yet for many, it can be a lifelong condition.

What Is It?

The pimples that you see on your face each day are actually small infections on the skin. The pores of the skin are attractive areas for bacteria to get into and multiple. When the skin is over producing oils, it makes for a very warm and moist environment for the bacteria to grow. And, often, individuals who have these conditions often do not exfoliate the skin. The dead skin cells can get trapped in the pores actually becoming fuel for the bacteria to feed off of. The skin reacts through the formation of a pimple as it tries to extract the bacteria from it.

Common Myths

There are many myths about what causes those pimples in the first place. For example, some parents will tell their adolescent child that eating too much chocolate can cause pimples. Or, that those greasy French fries are the cause. The fact is that these things do not play a real role in the development of the pimples but can hinder the body's ability to heal from it. That is only because by eating these foods, the individual is less likely to eat a balanced diet that allows the body to fight infections as it should.

The pimples can be treated though. Through the use of medications as well as through the use of skin care regimen, it can be lessened and can actually be cured from the skin. But, it is necessary to take steps to doing so as not everyone's body is capable of dealing with pimples on their own.

On top of all of this, the pimples that show up are often on the face. This allows many people to deal with self esteem issues simply because they can not cope with the look of the pimples. While not everyone will have the same severity of pimples throughout their lives, everyone will deal with it at one point or another. In fact, the condition has nothing to do with being dirty or not taking care of yourself, but rather a condition that your skin needs help in curing.

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