Acne Help is in Your Hands.

You need to rely on yourself if you want acne help. Part of this is empowering yourself with the proper knowledge about the causes and the cures for acne. If you want help, the first thing you need to do is know the myths about acne.

The first myth is that acne is caused by bad hygiene. This myth might lead you to believe that to get acne help, you ought to wash your skin roughly and a lot of times in the day. If you do this, however, you can actually make your acne worse.

The truth is that dirt and oils on the surface of your skin do not cause acne. Excess skin grease, dead skin, and a buildup of dirt on your skin sure can look gross, but there is no need to remove all of that gunk by scrubbing your face. It can actually make your acne worse to go at your skin with heavy-duty washing and rubbing.

Remember the Basics

If you want to ax your acne, the best thing you can do to get acne help is wash your face twice a day with a mild soap, making sure to be very gentle. Pat it dry, don't be too abrasive with the towel, and then apply your acne treatment medication.

One more thing you don't want to do: don't just sit back and expect acne to run its course. It's a fact that there is acne help out there and your acne can be cleaned up. Dermatologists can direct you to the proper medicines if the simple approach above, just washing and patting dry your face, does not seem to work.

Since so many excellent products (including my recommendation below) are on the market today, it makes no sense to sit back and suffer through acne, risking bad scars for the rest of your life.

The Acne Benefits of a Proper Diet

Another thing you can do in the meantime to save yourself from acne is to eat right. It is a myth that particular foods in your diet can bring on acne. There's been tons of scientific research that shows there is no connection between acne and certain foods, such chocolate, french fries, pizza, peanuts, and soda.

If your dermatologist or other doctor recommends that you steer clear of certain foods that may cause your acne, then listen to them and avoid those foods. However, your best way to find acne help in your kitchen is to just eat a sensible, balanced diet made up of all sorts of healthy foods.

Everybody has heard this last myth: that stress causes your skin to break out. But as doctors and scientists have proven over and over, the day-to-day, normal stress that you get from homework, sports, and other typical activities does not have any significant effect on your skin.

On the other hand, if you experience very severe stress that you get medical help and medication for, your treatment drugs may actually be causing your acne as a side effect.

In this case, your best acne help is not to stop taking the drugs on your own. Instead, talk with your doctor to see if your breakouts are from the prescription medication you are taking for stress or depression.

Acne is not just a cosmetic disease. Sure, acne may not seriously affect the way you look and it may not be a serious threat to your physical wellbeing. But it sure can end up causing permanent physical scars on you face and on your feelings. So get some acne help by avoiding these acne myths.

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